We sell a building of 8 apartments in Corralejo a safe investment with good return


Built 437 m2

Plot 250 m2

Price 1.000.000. €

good return

The building was constructed in two Fincas registrales, of the Municipality of La Oliva
The plot where the building is located is in the place known as "HEREDAD DE GURIAME", in Corralejo.
It consists of three floors, consisting of, low, first and second. On the ground floor is the staircase of the building, together with the counters of electricity supplies, and a room designed for the maintenance of the property.
On the first floor there are 4 apartments, one of which is a studio with separate bathroom and the other 3 are 2 bedroom apartments with kitchen, living room, bathroom, balcony and / or terrace.
On the second floor we find the same layout, that is to say, 4 houses, consisting of a studio with independent bathroom and 3 apartments with 2 bedrooms, with kitchen, living room, bathroom, balcony and / or terrace.
On the third floor we find a roof of 140 m².
The main characteristics of the plot are:
Floor Area:
250 m²
Builded surface
437.62 m²

The building is located in the town of Corralejo. Located to the Northwest of the island of Fuerteventura, at the moment it is an area in full development and expansion, next to the new residential neighborhoods, businesses etc ....
As its main characteristics, we can highlight:
to. New tourist area of ??Fuerteventura, with great expansion for investments and businesses close to the tourist sector, nevertheless the building is in Soil Urban, which facilitates the processing of licenses.

B. Zone of future growth of the city as much as residential district as for tertiary sector.

C. Development of new businesses, catering and commercial services

D. The building is located in a privileged location, given the volume of growth of the island, being in the center of Corralejo, close to banking offices, supermarkets, land communications (Bus) and very close to a hotel with project to be renewed.

and. Close to the sea and it has several supermarkets very close, and with great variety of commercial premises, dedicated to services and restoration, next to new neighborhoods / residential zones.

F. Excellent communications with Puerto del Rosario by public transport, Old Station station of Guaguas and maritime transport, given its proximity to the Port of Corralejo.

G. Access to main roads such as Av / Juan Carlos.

The building is fully leased, as follows:
Apartment 2º A: Contract expiration date: 08-15-2017. Rent: 430 ? / month
Apartment 2º B: Expiry date of contract: 12/31/2017. Rent: 450 ? / month
Studio 2º C: Date of expiration of contract: 12-12-2017. Rent: 290 ? / month
Apartment 2º D: Expiry date of contract: 16-09-2017. Rent: 450 ? / month
Apartment 3º A: Contract expiration date: 05-14-2018. Rent: 600 ? / month

Apartment 3º B: Expiry date of contract: 05/31/2017. Rent: 400 ? / month
Study 3º C: Expiration date of contract: 10-04-2018. Rent: 300 ? / month
Apartment 3º D: Contract expiration date: 12/31/2017. Rent: 550 ? / month

TOTAL INCOME OBTAINED ANNUALLY .................................... .. 41,640?


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