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For sale! Rural Hotel "Era de la corte" in Antigua, Fuerteventura


Built 600 m2

Plot 8000 m2

Price 900.000 €

We are selling a beautifull Rural Hotel in Antigua!
Sure investment


Old house from 1890, 600 sqm built on an 8,000 sqm estate, located in the neighborhood of La Corte, Antigua, island of Fuerteventura and restored with 12 double rooms and one single, all of them with bathroom, equipped with a vessel , shower and sink, with hot and cold water, the latter is obtained by solar panels and 3 x 4D0 accumulators of 400 liters each, a total of 1,200
The main building has a central hall measuring 7 x 8 m, a dining room measuring 7 x 4.2 m and on top of it a 7 x 5 m hall. An office - reception of 4 x 4 m and 5 bedrooms with bathroom, these are non-smoking.
A kitchen measuring 9.2 x 3.8 m and a pantry measuring 2.8 x 2, S m. next to a covered terrace of 4.7 x 3.7 m where breakfast is served and communicated with an open closed patio around which are the 7 bedrooms with bathroom for smokers. Complete with laundry and linen and w.c. services. for men and women, for staff.
It has a freshwater pool of irregular shape of 9 x 4, S m and a depth of 1.6 m and a children's pool of 7.5 x 1.8 m and a depth of S0 cm. with a room, with motor pumps and filters, underground and with solarium areas around the pools and on the entire rooftop and can be visited as a solarium. It has a bathroom for the pool.
It has an 80 m underground tank or cistern, in the backyard, for storing drinking water (from public supply with 2 meters) and a hydro for Sanitary Water Sanitary Hot Water.
And under the living room a tank or cistern for collecting rainwater for irrigation of 20 m.
On the surface of the US x 30 m tennis court. (450 m ') having little use, photovoltaic solar panels with a power of 12 Kw have been installed. with an approximate yield of 800 Euros / month and which is sold to ENDESA and also prepared the other half for another 12 kW, below which
there is a 10 x 3.8 m warehouse. (38m ', a games room of 10 x 3, S m. (35 m2) and an apartment of 10 x 3.8 m. (38 m2) with a total area of 170 m2 fully equipped as a home.
In January 2015, 2 new solar panels for sanitary hot water were installed to supply hot water to the hotel rooms, with an investment of about € 7,000, which means that these units are new.
The building is completed by a 5 x 4 m summer gazebo, the dog houses, a cage with canary birds, an oven and a metal barbecue, all located at the back of the farm.
In the southern area and the furthest from the house there are 2 pens for animals and in the nascent part of the main road a closed closet for garbage.

It has a parking lot for 14 vehicles within the enclosure.
The entire property is fenced, in the street area by a wall 2 m. high, with a 1m metal door. and another for the 2.8 m parking. for vehicles and with the adjoining metal fence on a concrete metal post.
The rest of the farm is made up of wooded areas, palm groves, gardens. The rooms and the entire Hotel comply with the regulations of the Rural Tourism Law of the Canary Islands, in terms of dimensions, volumes, ventilation, furniture, facilities, etc. with the maximum category of 2 Palmeras, with all licenses, permits, and authorizations municipal, cabildícias and the Canary Government.
The was renovated again in 2017.
The hotel has been open and legalized since 2000, with the following awards, distinctions and mentions:
1 * Award to the III First Canary Islands Repopulation Contest 2004. Golden Beach Award, Distinguished Tourism of Fuerteventura 2006. Michelin Guide 2003-2004-20OS-2D06-20D7-2008-2009-2010-2011-2012-2013-2014-2015 .
El Pais-Aguilar2006-2007-2O08-2O09-201O-2011-2012 BOOKING 2014 Excellence Award. Charming Hotels Guides, recommended in specialized magazines, etc. Proposal for Q for quality and granted. Included in the VOLCANIC EXPERIENCE brand of the Government of the Canary Islands,


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