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Pre constructed house "Villa Family Star " !The perfect symbiosis of luxury and nature!


Built 150 m2

Plot 600 m2

Price 199.000 €


- The retail price of the prefabricated houses does not include the prices for the plot
- The building plot must be 1000 - 2500 sqm
- The cost of the construction license is included in the sales price of the prefabricated house real estate, as well as the architect costs, building permit and much more.

These houses are made of solid wood, are built fast, our houses have an extremely high fire protection.
Our homes are energy efficient and also built as KfW 55.45 or 40+, or even as a passive house.
Our price for about 200 square meters of usable living space are "unbeatable".
The equipment is good and proven.
All eco-houses with chimney and fireplace in the living room, plus underfloor heating.
With us you get floor depth and ceiling height large windows.

The villa has 150 sqm of living space and is divided into 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, storage room, terrace and garden.

For more details on the prefabricated house please contact us and we will send you a detailed dossier!

Special quality due to the high degree of prefabrication and the associated short construction time
Individuality and design freedom through large-area components
Due to the vapor permeable construction a pleasant humidity-regulating room climate (wood can absorb moisture and release it again if needed)
Excellent sound and fire protection

Due to the material, the best summer heat protection results, since wood has the highest heat storage capacity of all conventional building materials. This ensures that the heat generated by solar energy can be absorbed and stored for a long time. Only very little heat is transferred inwards.
At night, the stored heat energy is then released to the outside air.
In winter, this principle reverses and ensures a very good thermal insulation and a pleasant indoor climate.

Summer heat protection
Wood has the highest heat storage capacity among all conventional building materials
Storage of heat - absorbed by solar energy
very little heat is transferred inwards
at night, the stored heat energy is released to the outside air
heating costs
Due to the generally warm "surface" and the low thermal conductivity of the wood, the room temperature can be lowered by a few degrees.
Practical - everything stops
The installation of wall cabinets and attachments can be done directly in the wood.
The wooden surfaces can be left visible or covered with plasterboard.
Also subsequent addition and conversion measures are easily possible.


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